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Sunbeds in Ash/ Ash Vale

Our prices start from 70p min, and HAPPY HOUR is 9am-11am at 50p min ( look for great deals on FB )

Welcome to our salon/ barbers, we now also have sunbeds, come to our branch in ash, ash vale, and experience the power of ourprotan products sunbedwith new bulbs, sunbeds in ash vale is new and will consistently be the best sunbed shop in ash vale, ash, and surrounding areas. if you fancya sunbed in ash then come to galaxy hair studio, and see what we have to offer, our sunbeds here in our ash vale store is brand new, and also has brand new tubes, which will be re-filled when relevant, so you always get the best results from our sunbeds in ash vale, at galaxy.

Galaxy Hair Studio provides professional tanning services in Ash Vale, Surrey. We offer a convenient walk-in service with no need to book.

We only use the latest technology in quality vertical tanning machines. Vertical (or stand up) tanning booths are quickly becoming the most popular choice of sunbed for thousands of tanning enthusiasts across Britain.

Stand Up Sunbeds Win The Vote!
Many tan lovers will agree that stand up sunbeds, which we have here in our ash salon, give much better results than traditional tanning beds. This is because our professional stand up units are guaranteed to give you a fabulously even tan. Vertical tanning machines has many advantages to a lay down bed, you sre more free to move in certain postions for an even tan, you are not lying on a panel, which de-shapes your body shape, and cause tan lines.

On top of this, the fact that they use high power tubes means that you can have an amazing tan after short sessions of five to 10 minutes.


We also provide a range of quality sunbed creams, or accelerators, designed especially to enhance your tan, while simultaneously moisturising your skin to keep it feeling soft and smooth. We stock a wide variety of sunbed accelerators to choose from by PRO TAN®.

Hair styled your way, with our knowledge

Within our studio you have a wide range of knowledge and experience to produce any requested style or cut, even if you dont yet know exactly what you're looking for, our staff will give you the professional help to choose the right look for you.